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“人間は地球にとってどんな役割だと思いますか"、“無限の貨幣価値を持った時にあなたは何を望みますか"、“先人の道と自身の道を線で繋ぐとその先はなにがあると思いますか"、“自身の幼少期と現在を色で例えると何色ですか"、などなど。。。 そのトピックに呼応するように、インスタレーション作家やパフォーマーが表現するのを鑑賞し、自身の答えを探究するのがメインコンテンツとなっています。

はじまりは、Momaショップで見つけたアート集団Studio Jobのバナナランプ。
そんな沢山の価値を持ったバナナを、人間の可能性と置き換え、自己探求をする社交場を作りたいと思い、2019年に『バナナナイト 』を発足しました。


バナナナイト代表 川勝 小遥

Banananight is a social space for self-exploration while enjoying contents such as “art, music, cocktails, lounge".

Each Banananight has a topic of self-exploration.
“What role do you think humans play for the earth?" “What do you want when you have infinite monetary value?" “Do you think there is something to it?", “What color would you like your childhood and present to be?", and so on. . .
In response to the topic, the main content is to appreciate the expressions of installation artists and performers, and to explore their own answers.

It all started with a banana lamp from the art group Studio Job that I found at the Moma shop.
It was too expensive to buy, so I visited the Moma shop in Omotesando many times just to see it. When I thought about why I was so drawn to bananas, I realized that bananas have a lot of value depending on the context.
Bananas are a familiar fruit with high nutritional value, but they are used as a motif of racism and sex. Or maybe it's the mysterious presence that caused an art fair in the first half of 2020 to sell a piece of banana taped to the wall for 13 million.
In 2019, we launched “Banananight” with the desire to create a social space for self-exploration, with bananas as a symbol of such value.

Each Banana Night has a topic of self-exploration.

We hope that by participating in Banananight and seeing your own talents, you will find what you are really craving.

Banananight Representative Koharu Kawakatsu

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