はじまりは、Momaショップで見つけたアート集団Studio Jobのバナナランプ。
バナナナイト代表 川勝 小遥

The beginning was a banana lamp from the art group Studio Job found at the Moma shop.
It was too expensive to buy and I went there many times just to see it. When I wondered why I was attracted, I realized that there was no object that changed value so much depending on the context.
What kind of context and value do you give when you have such a banana? By asking such questions, I think I can capture what I really want and satisfy myself from the bottom of my heart.
With that in mind, I launched the social space "Banana Night," which symbolizes bananas. It would be great if I could set up a topic for self-inquiry every time and outline what the participants were craving for.
Representative BananaNight Koharu Kawakatsu



Banana Night is a social space where you can explore yourself while enjoying content such as "art, music, cocktails, and lounges", symbolizing bananas whose value changes depending on the context. Although bananas are nutritious and familiar fruits, they are a motif of racial discrimination and sex, and there are various theories that the forbidden fruits of the Garden of Eden was bananas instead of apples.
on 2020 there was a ridiculous event in which banana taped on the wall was sold for 13 million yen at the art fair.
It is a mysterious existence that changes value depending on the context.
By participating in Banana Night, I would be extremely happy if you could understand my cravings qualities and joy, and hope to encourage you in finding life or business partners.